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Patents play a pivotal role in safeguarding innovation and future return on investment. Applied correctly the proactive and strategic use of patents can safeguard contracts, generate new revenue streams, attract investment capital, exclude competition, and create advantageous positioning in key markets.

Trade Marks

A strong brand is more than just the trade name or ® symbol applied to a product or service, it delivers considerable advantages. It is the most effective way to manage and protect your brand equity for long term success.


A product’s design is much more than just than the way it looks – it can have intrinsic commercial value that can be protected, especially when a design is the primary point of market differentiation.

IP Litigation & Disputes

IP disputes vary widely in their nature, scale, commercial significance and technical, factual and legal subject matter. For all IP disputes the best outcomes are achieved with the benefit of specialist advice from experienced and expert IP practitioners.

Commercial IP

We work closely with our clients to structure commercially advantageous business arrangements, combining legal accuracy with commercial acumen and pragmatism to create effective solutions for our clients.

Plant Breeder’s Rights

Shelston IP’s dedicated Plant Breeders’ Rights team is responsible for more PBR applications than any other firm in Australia. We truly understand the strategic and commercial advantages of securing strong IP rights for our clients’ innovation and research.