The central science that bridges all others.

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Chemistry is often referred to as “the central science” as it bridges many other fields of science such as biology, physics, medicine and materials science.

Chemistry alone may not attract the headlines or growth in patent filings in the way rapid developments in genetics and information technology have done, but it is worth remembering that without the underlying chemistry (think polymerase chain reaction and silicon chip fabrication for instance) these developments would not have been possible.

Chemical patent filing numbers have performed solidly over many decades and no doubt will continue to do so. Although the law in relation to chemical patents is well settled and very mature, there are nevertheless many nuances in Australian and New Zealand law not found elsewhere so obtaining the right advice from experienced practitioners is paramount.

Shelston IP’s specialist chemistry team covers all bases from pharmacology through pharmaceuticals, organic fine chemistry, inorganic and industrial and chemical engineering. Most of our professional staff are PhD-qualified, having broad undergraduate educations that enable us to practice across a range of inter-related technologies.

We have particular experience in drafting and prosecuting chemistry-related patents in Australia, New Zealand and abroad. Our professional staff are also highly experienced in conducting opposition proceedings, providing validity and infringement advice, litigation support, searching, watching and portfolio management. Whatever your chemistry-related IP needs, (from alkenes to azeotropes, salts to stereoisomers or zeolites to zwitterions) we look to add value throughout the process.