Delivering a sustainable future.

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Clean technology is a fast-growing industry that cuts across sectors and conventional scientific boundaries. In this fast evolving and valuable market it is vitally important to create and protect intellectual property assets.

The Shelston IP cleantech group is a multi-disciplinary team of committed, attorneys and lawyers with specific experience and technical expertise focused on clean, green, renewable and environmentally-friendly technologies.

Our dedicated team works closely with a broad spectrum of clients across the cleantech sector, ranging from innovative start-ups, through major universities and research institutes, to collaborative research centres and large multinational corporations at the forefront of clean energy and sustainable technology development.

Our expertise extends well beyond the creation of patents and other IP rights. We lead the field in formulating and implementing powerful, comprehensive and cost-effective patent strategies, seamlessly integrating the protection, management, commercialisation and enforcement of IP rights for sustainable, renewable, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly technology solutions in Australia and internationally.

We are experienced in negotiating the requirements and challenges facing clients with smaller, developing IP portfolios as well as larger, more mature portfolios. And with constant surveillance of the technological and economic landscape, our team is uniquely positioned to develop strategic opportunities for IP asset creation in line with our clients’ commercial needs.