Consumer Products

Innovation is key to meeting evolving consumer demand.

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Markets mature and new ones open, so consumer product companies must continually innovate to be relevant to their consumers. As products are developed, improved and brand extensions created, intellectual property protection strategies play an important role in developing and sustaining a company’s competitive edge.

At Shelston IP, our patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys, and experienced support staff work to provide you with a full IP service helping you to obtain and enforce patent protection for your formulations, registrations for your trade marks, and design protection for the appearance of your products and packaging in the consumer products industry.

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop comprehensive IP protection strategies tailored to specific products and well-aligned with their business and marketing goals.

If the need for enforcement arises, our skilled lawyers maximise the effectiveness of that IP, whether in court or in settlement negotiations. Similarly, when it comes to commercialising, our lawyers assist with licensing, manufacture, distribution, contract preparation, and related advice.

Our expertise is comprehensive and spans from personal care products to food and beverages. This experience is reflected in the clients who trust us with their most sensitive and strategic matters.