Food & Nutrition

In response to consumer demand and in search of a competitive edge, companies invest heavily in research and innovation that must be protected.

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Food and nutrition is an expansive field, including both human and animal applications, and is of interest to many types of organisations, from multinational household names to niche market providers. Research and development typically sits at the interface between Chemistry, Life Sciences and Chemical Engineering.

Companies across this wide range of sectors face several challenges in their pursuit to attract and retain customers, such as changing consumer demands and trends, evolving standards and Governmental policies.

In search of a competitive edge, companies invest heavily in research and innovation in order to develop products with the requisite look, smell, taste, feel and nutritional value. For example, they may develop new ingredients or improved processes to create a better product. The research and development to meet such requirements can provide companies with a competitive advantage that needs protecting to reap the rewards of their research and investment.

We pride ourselves in our ability to give thoughtful advice, relevant to our clients’ business needs. Whether it’s ice cream, confectionery and chocolate, beverages, coffee and creamers, infant formula, nutraceuticals or nutritional compositions for medical use; or whether it’s food packaging, extension of shelf life or even how your coffee is dispensed from a machine, Shelston IP’s experienced team is ideally placed to assist.

We have a track record of success in the food and nutrition field and a reputation for excellence in providing intellectual property services to world-leading companies in the field as well as small Australian businesses alike.