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A dedicated team of IP professionals with commercial, industry and research experience.

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Inorganic chemistry relates to the fundamental synthesis and behaviour of inorganic and organometallic compounds and has a wide range of industrial applications including catalysis, materials science, building materials, photovoltaics, pigments, surfactants, coatings, medicines and agricultural technology.

Industrial chemistry is the scale up of bench scale chemistry in research labs, to pilot plants and eventually to full scale industrial production and often overlaps with new technologies developed by research chemists.

Shelston IP has a dedicated team of IP professionals with industry and research experience in inorganic chemistry, chemical engineering and process technology.

Our dedicated team boasts leading-edge expertise in minerals processing, cement & ceramic processing, electrochemistry, petrochemicals and petroleum production, food technology and extrusion and injection moulding technologies.

Shelston IP is ideally placed to provide tailored IP strategy and management to assist our clients to achieve their commercial objectives from conception to commercialisation in the global market.

Our specialist team works closely with a range of clients and have rich experience working with start-ups, research institutes and universities to large multinational corporations.