Organic & Small Molecules

Knowledge of how organic molecules are put together and how they function is critical in how they are used and applied across multiple sectors and industries.

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Organic chemistry is the study of compounds, molecules and materials that contain carbon atoms. Although organic chemistry was founded on the investigation of substances derived from living matter, it now encompasses not only naturally occurring substances, but also a wide array of manmade compound and it underpins many areas of scientific research and industrial development.

A knowledge of how organic molecules are put together and how they function is critical in areas such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, polymers and plastics, food, fuels and lubricants, explosives and so on. As such, it can be readily appreciated that organic chemistry can be found in all walks of life – from pharmaceuticals and drugs to automobile tyres; from the magic ingredient in one’s morning coffee to that of their dinner-time glass of Pinot; from the turpentine in which one cleans their paint brushes to the detergent with which the household laundry is done – organic chemistry is indeed “everywhere”.

From an IP-perspective, the patenting of organic molecules (and the uses and syntheses thereof) is a staple of many industries the industry. Pharmaceutical companies, environmental companies, food companies, commodities companies – the broad spectrum of organic chemistry houses them all. The law in regards organic molecules is mature, well settled and reliably consistent across the globe.

Shelston IP employs a number of attorneys with formal qualifications to PhD level in organic chemistry, as well as postdoctoral and practical research experience. Our attorneys have many years’ experience in applying their organic chemistry expertise in the patents field.

We have considerable expertise in the creation of patents rights, ranging from simple inventions for applicants looking to obtain a foothold in IP to cutting edge university research. Our team is experienced in handling the prosecution of complex interwoven patent families.

Our attorneys are highly experienced in conducting contentious proceedings, such as oppositions and re-examinations at the Australian patent office, which often involves the preparation of complex technical evidence. A number of our attorneys have been involved in assisting in major patent cases before the Federal Court