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Brand names play a critical role in distinguishing innovative new products.

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Due to the constant nature of innovation, brand names play a critical role in distinguishing innovative new products from those of business competitors.

They identify to consumers who is responsible for the production and quality of the product bearing the trade mark. In many industries this is of crucial importance, since along with the capacity to do great good, a defective product may have the capacity to do great harm.

Shelston IP works with some of the world’s largest, most known and most well-respected brands across healthcare and pharmaceuticals, fashion, telecommunications, food and drink, financial services and building and construction. As such, our firm has widespread knowledge of, and lengthy experience in assisting with the protection of brands.

Our dedicated team provides strategic advice across the full spectrum of IP rights, including trade marks, copyright and designs, on goods and services in all industries in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Attorneys provide nuanced and detailed IP advice based on our clients’ unique products, services and commercial drivers.

We are highly experienced in enforcement strategies to protect the goodwill and reputation our clients’ brands, including through trade mark oppositions, market and customs watches and enforcement actions.