Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Brand names play an important part in distinguishing innovative new products and identifying quality.

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare


Trade marks are of key importance in most industries, and the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector is no exception.

Brand names identify to consumers who is responsible for the production and quality of the product bearing the trade mark. In the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, this is of vital importance, since along with the capability to do great good, if defective, those products also have the capability to do significant harm.

The trust that is established through use of a recognised trade mark is of key importance in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector. That sector is also one that is constantly seeing innovation and brand names play an important part in distinguishing innovative new products.

Shelston IP works with some of the world’s largest and leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and producers of health care products. As such, it has a strong knowledge of, and experience in assisting with, the protection of pharmaceutical and healthcare brands. It understands that this sector differs from others, in respect of the significance of international non-proprietary names, INN stems, regulatory approvals and trade channels.

Our dedicated team provides strategic advice on the adoption and protection of trade marks for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

We are also highly experienced in enforcement strategies to protect the goodwill and reputation of those trade marks, including through trade mark oppositions, market and customs watches and enforcement actions.