Telecommunications & Electronics

Constant innovation throughout the sector necessitates focused protection.

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As the world becomes increasingly connected through the “Internet of Things”, brands play a critical role in the telecommunications and electronics industry.

Our firm works with some of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers and leading telecommunication providers. As such, our Trade Mark team has considerable knowledge and experience in the protection of brands in this technology sector.

Shelston IP assists our clients with identifying and protecting all prospective forms of IP, including both the traditional (words, logos and taglines) and unconventional (colour, shape and sound) forms.

Our firm provides tailored protection and enforcement strategies for a wide range of goods and services. We are undaunted by the prospect of recommending our clients enforce their trade mark rights when necessary, but equally adept at judging when a commercial settlement represents the best solution.

Given the constant innovation taking place in this sector, it is crucial that brand owners maintain and update their trade mark portfolio as new brands are developed and new product lines are launched. Our dedicated team stands ready to assist with the protection of trade marks in the telecommunication and electronics industries in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.