Electronics & Software

The exponential march of hardware and software advances creates massive opportunities for technology commercialisation and protection.

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With the increasing emergence and convergence of functionalities in this sector, Shelston IP’s electronics and software team focuses not only on the specific technologies, but also on the wider commercial context in which they are implemented.

Our team has an impressive depth of specialist technical expertise and experience across analog and digital hardware, including ASICs & FPGAs, semiconductors and superconductors; artificial intelligence and machine learning; signal processing; telecommunications; polymer science; lasers, optics and photonics; environmental engineering; internet technologies and business methods; software and hardware; automation, control systems and robotics, Fintech, MEMS and nanotechnology.

With constant surveillance of the technological and economic landscape, the team seeks strategic opportunities to create IP assets and exploit the potential of each technology in concert with our clients’ business plans.

We work with the full spectrum of clients in this space and are acutely aware of the differing requirements and challenges facing clients with smaller, developing IP portfolios as well as those with larger, more mature portfolios.