Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The application of AI across a diverse range of industries has led to a huge explosion of innovation and the creation of valuable intellectual property.

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Shelston IP are at the forefront of AI and machine learning innovation protection.

Artificial Intelligence, where new, transformative machines are involved in decision making, adaptive control and / or data processing is now applied to numerous industries including agriculture, banking and finance, transportation (e.g. autonomous vehicles), telecommunications, manufacturing, security screening and customer service to name a few.

Where an area or process requires a person to make a decision based on experience and reasoning, AI and machine learning may be able step in to take on that task in a new and inventive way. This includes such areas as image processing / computer vision, adaptive control and processing, language translation, data processing and data mining.

This has led to a huge explosion of innovation and patenting, in some areas up 67% in 3 years.

We have the multi-disciplinary expertise to identify and put in place IP strategies from: the technology used in an application area, acquisition and manipulation of data sets, machine learning, analysis and reasoning processes as well as the presentation and utilisation of the results and control enabled by AI.