Financial Technology

The greatest challenge facing fintech companies is advancing their digital transformation while successfully protecting, commercialising and enhancing their technology and brands.

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Growth of financial technology (fintech) continues to accelerate worldwide with Australia being no exception.

When it comes to securing, marketing and defending your fintech IP rights in a fast paced, digitally transformed and connected world, Shelston IP has the people and expertise you can rely on.

Our fintech team provides expert advice and support for emerging and established providers and has first-hand experience working with traditional financial institutions, new market entrants and fast-growing technology companies.

We work closely with clients to effectively increase the value of their IP assets. We are experts in accelerating the commercialisation of their fintech services while minimising the costs and time associated with the management of the IP.

Our expert team can support development and monetisation of your fintech through delivering a full range of IP services. This includes creation of IP rights, strategic portfolio management, commercialisation advice and litigation support. Through these services we provide a highly tailored approach, ensuring your business is well protected in the rapidly evolving fintech industry.