Information & Communication Technology

We are at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry.

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For decades, Shelston IP has assisted clients in the global protection of their advances in information processing and communications technology.

We protect client’s technologies for a range of information processing activities. From digital signal processing such as audio, image and video signal processing, to database architectures, compression, data standards, we are actively protecting client’s technologies internationally and in Australia and New Zealand.

Shelston IP has experience in communications technology, from the low level signals including wired, wireless, optical systems, all the way to smart phones, network architectures, distributed computation and client-server architecture systems. One large area of work is in data security, including cryptography, network security, and protection from denial of service attacks.

We have substantial experience in this field providing strategy development, drafting, filing, prosecuting, and enforcement. Our clients range from the most IP-savvy global brands through to start-ups, entrepreneurs and medium-sized enterprises to leading universities.

Specifically we work with the world’s largest supplier of optical communication components and subsystems; Australia’s national science agency, leading telecommunications providers, developers of web and mail security, networking and security, and archiving and fax computer software, aerospace and defence manufacturers, providers of on-demand contact routing and agent management applications, providers of contact-centre applications and messaging technology, and ASX-listed mobile payment and transaction processing company.

Whether it’s hardware or software technology, the information and communications team at Shelston IP is focused on staying at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry.