Aerospace, Automotive & Transportation

Constant innovation and cutting-edge development are the hallmark of this sector.

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Transportation is an integral part of infrastructure and commerce, carrying goods and people across the globe. Change and adaptation is necessary in this industry sector to meet efficiency and safety demands, requiring constant innovation.

Our dedicated Aerospace, Automotive and Transportation team has the experience and knowledge in this technology space to assist our clients with timely and commercial advice at each stage of innovation.

From idea conception to product research, prototype and technical development to an end commercial product, we provide the insights and strategies that maximise the potential of our client’s innovations in the market today and tomorrow.

We assist clients of varying backgrounds across this sector, from small start-ups and universities seeking to develop their technology to SMEs seeking to expand their products, and large leading global companies building on their existing innovations.

Our team of trusted professionals delivers a full range of services, extending from the creation of IP rights in Australia and overseas, prosecution to grant and leveraging those granted IP rights in the marketplace, through commercialisation, licensing and enforcement.