Life Sciences

For Life Science organisations, the effective protection, management and enforcement of IP is essential to achieve long term success in a competitive marketplace.

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Successful patent prosecution, defence and enforcement in the life sciences requires deep technical expertise and a detailed understanding of the unique legal challenges facing innovators in this sector.

Shelston IP’s life science team includes medical practitioners and PhD-qualified attorneys with experience at leading research institutes and as in-house counsel.

We have represented clients in landmark cases concerning the patentability of nucleic acids, methods of treatment and methods of diagnosis.  Our attorneys have expertise in immunology, pharmacology, neurobiology, structural biology, protein engineering, bioinformatics, genetics and genomics, diagnostics, nanotechnology and microbiology.  We also have unique experience in the agribusiness sector, including in plant biology and agri-chemicals.

We act for universities, research institutes and local biotech companies, helping them to protect their own technologies and to navigate around third party IP. We also act for some of the world’s largest biotech and pharmaceutical companies and have proudly done so over many decades.

We assist with patent drafting, prosecution and portfolio management, and represent clients in opposition and litigation proceedings. We also provide clients with validity and infringement advice.

Working alongside patent litigators and commercial lawyers, our patent attorneys protect biological technologies with a view to commercialisation and enforcement. We work with clients to understand their commercial objectives in a global context, and develop prosecution strategies to meet those objectives.