Life Sciences

For Life Science organisations, the effective protection, management and enforcement of IP is essential to achieve long term success in a competitive marketplace.

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Within the life sciences sector, Shelston IP’s expertise is second to none.

We employ highly experienced attorneys with exemplary credentials and prior backgrounds as research scientists for ‘big pharma’ corporations, leading medical research institutes and world-class hospitals.

Our technical expertise includes, bio-informatics, biophysics, biotechnology, chemical engineering and process technology, developmental biology, food technologies, genetic engineering, immunology, materials science, medical devices and diagnostic technologies, microbiology, molecular biology, nanotechnology neurobiology, pharmaceuticals and pharmacology, chemistry and enzymology, and stem cell technology.

We also have deep experience in the agribusiness sector, including in plant biology, agri-chemicals and plant breeders’ rights.

Our clients range from local biotechs through to the largest pharmaceutical corporations, as well as research institutes and universities, who seek our attorneys for their experience in drafting and prosecuting life sciences-related patents both in Australia and New Zealand, and across Asia.  Plus their deep skills in conducting opposition proceedings, providing validity and infringement advice, litigation support, searching, watching and portfolio management.