Bioinformatics combines the fields of biology, computer science and statistics.

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It is a practical discipline used to solve problems in a variety of areas including molecular medicine, personalized medicine, drug development, gene therapy, forensic analysis and climate change studies.

Bioinformatics has become an important part of many areas of science and bioinformaticians are constantly creating new ways of organizing (using databases, software, networks and even hardware) and analysing (via statistical tools) information obtained from complex biological systems.

Our team of attorneys and lawyers have a wealth of academic, industry and legal experience in this field,  and are well-placed to assist you in protecting, commercialising and enforcing your IP in this field. The team’s technical background covers computer algorithms, computer programming, software technologies, information technologies, genomics and molecular biology.

We are experienced in drafting and prosecuting patent applications for bioinformatic technologies. Our biotechnology and computer science teams work closely together to ensure that our clients receive robust and commercially valuable protection for their technologies. 

Leading bioinformatics solution companies and universities  rely on Shelston IP to provide commercially relevant IP advice.