Bioinformatics combines the fields of biology, computer science and statistics.

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Bioinformatics combines biology, chemistry, mathematics and computing to solve complex biological problems. Its use is rapidly expanding across the private and public sector, presenting unique challenges for bioinformaticians seeking to protect their inventions.

From molecular modelling and drug design to high volume ’omics and systems biology, our patent attorneys have deep technical expertise in biological and computer sciences, and unmatched experience navigating the unique legal challenges that computer-implemented and biological inventions present. Our life science team works alongside colleagues in adjacent practice groups, including Chemistry and Software Engineering, to develop robust IP protection strategies.

We act for universities and research institutes through to some of the world’s largest genomics companies, assisting with drafting and prosecuting of patent applications, and with the management of global patent portfolios. We do not just obtain patents for bioinformatic technologies – we secure robust patent protection that aligns with our clients’ commercial objectives.