The cross-discipline nature of many diagnostic inventions requires a highly experienced multidisciplinary IP team to provide protection and enforcement.

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Despite demanding strong intellectual property protection, diagnostic inventions are subject to varying patentability, regulatory and enforcement issues across the world, including within Australia and New Zealand.

This presents unique jurisdictional challenges and a number of potential pitfalls when proceeding with the commercialisation and protection of diagnostic inventions.

Shelston IP has been at the forefront of many leading decisions in this evolving area of patent law, and are exceptionally well-equipped to meet these challenges.

Given the potential multidisciplinary nature of many diagnostic inventions, the biotechnology/life sciences and mechanical engineering teams at Shelston IP work closely together and are highly experienced in navigating the nuances of local patent law to ensure that your intellectual property rights receive the utmost protection and enforcement.

At Shelston IP, we have a number of foreign registered and qualified attorneys, who bring a wealth of experience, further enhancing our ability to provide you with the most effective intellectual protection for diagnostic inventions abroad as well. 

We will work closely with you to guide you through the commercialisation of your invention and provide effective management of your multi-jurisdictional intellectual property portfolio.