Producing the next generation of innovative pharmaceuticals and medical therapies requires a huge investment of research, development and commercial acumen. Protecting that investment is paramount.

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Shelston IP is renowned for securing and enforcing vital IP assets for our clients in the pharmaceutical industry through our cross-disciplinary approach.

Our clients are the most innovative and successful companies in the world and include big pharma’ corporations, leading medical research institutes, world-class hospitals and Australian government bodies.

Our PhD-qualified patent attorneys have strong technical and scientific backgrounds and are experienced with drafting and prosecuting patents in the field of pharmaceuticals, from small chemical compounds to large complex molecules such as biologics.  We are highly experienced in developing and managing patent portfolios relevant to pharmaceuticals and other therapeutic products and methods, including patent term extensions.

 Our patent litigators possess deep legal and scientific expertise. They frequently work with patent attorneys in relation to potential and actual disputes and in connection with validity and infringement opinions, and even assist with drafting and prosecution strategies that take into account our clients’ strategic and commercial goals.

 We also have experienced specialist commercial IP lawyers who work with or patent attorneys and litigators on licensing, assignment, development, commercialisation and other agreements and deeds associated with pharmaceuticals and other therapeutic technologies.

 We are experienced in Patent Office disputes include substantive (s59), amendment (s104) and procedural (s223) oppositions, requests for re-examination and s27 notices and Federal Court litigation – both for the patentee and the challenging / allegedly infringing party.