With an ever-expanding population, plant and agricultural innovation is vital to increase productivity and secure the global food supply.

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Protection for plant related inventions in Australia is more liberal than in most jurisdictions and includes new plant varieties; plant parts including genetic material, cells and reproductive materials; products derived from plants including pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals; and methods of using plants or plant parts in industrial processes.

Australia allows for broader IP protection for plant-related inventions than most jurisdictions, through both patent and Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) systems.

Our expertise in plant science is unmatched in Australia with one of the largest and most respected biotechnology teams in Australia. Our team has PhDs and post-doctoral research experience in plant biology and patent attorneys with commercial multinational industry experience in Agribiotech and plant-based patents., plus two of Australia’s only IP professionals to be accredited by the PBR Office as a Consultant Qualified Person, which provides us with unique access to the PBR Office in Australia and the PVR Office in New Zealand.. 

As well as qualified Australian and New Zealand attorneys, our team also includes European qualified patent attorneys, Chartered UK patent attorneys, IP litigators and attorneys with significant research and in-house experience.

The team also works side by side with trade mark attorneys, and design right attorneys, providing a uniquely positioned offering covering all areas of strategic IP advice.