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Shelston IP congratulates Prof Hala Zreiqat from Sydney University

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  • Mar 18, 2018

Shelston IP wishes to congratulate Professor Hala Zreiqat from Sydney University, who has recently been named NSW Premier’s Woman of the Year.  She is currently Professor of Biomedical Engineering, where she founded the Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Research Unit in 2006.

Shelston IP has been providing IP-related services to Sydney University for many years, and has been involved in drafting and prosecution the majority of the patent applications naming Professor Zreiqat as an inventor. The innovative technologies developed by Professor Zreiqat and her teams relate to biocompatible ceramic materials and uses in applications such as bone regeneration, for improving the stability of implantable medical devices, and as synthetic implantable scaffolds. The particular biocompatible ceramic materials covered by her patent applications include materials such as Baghdadite, Strontium-doped Hardystonite, and 2-phase materials comprising metal oxide doped Hardystonites.

Shelston IP is proud to be associated with Sydney University and eminent scientists such as Professor Zreiqat.

Authored by Gareth Dixon, PhD and Serena White, DPhil