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Switch off with Shelston IP for Earth Hour on 24 March 2018

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  • Mar 22, 2018

Earth Hour started as an Australian campaign in 2007. The campaign was designed to draw attention to tackling global warming and get people talking about what we can do to help. Since then, Earth Hour has grown to engage more than 180 countries and territories worldwide.

This year, Earth Hour will be held on Saturday 24 March at 8.30PM and Australians are being invited to #Connect2Earth, so that we can all work towards better understanding and appreciating the values of biodiversity and the current critical condition of our home and our planet. Being aware means that we can all take actions to protect our biodiversity and nature, it means we can live more sustainably, and expect the same of businesses and governments.

Earth Hour is held worldwide towards the end of March annually, encouraging individuals, communities, households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour as a symbol for their commitment to the planet.

You along with your family and friends, can join Shelston IP in participating in Earth Hour at home by switching off your non-essential lights and any electrical appliances that are not required during this time. This is quick and easy and doesn’t cost a thing. Share the moment with family and friends and consider how you can reduce your ecological footprint with a commitment to an action that benefits the planet beyond the hour.

Make sure you have alternative light sources handy before Earth Hour starts, like torches, flashlights or candles. That way if you need to see, you have a light source close at hand, and you can still respect the spirit of Earth Hour and keep yourself and your family safe.

If you would like to attend one of the many pre-arranged events that are taking place over Sydney click here to see what event is closest to you.

Interested in learning more or becoming more involved in Earth Hour? Please click on one of the following links: https://www.earthhour.org/ or http://www.earthhour.org.au/home/

Authored by Tam Huynh