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Executive changes at IP Australia – looking to the future

  • Aug 23, 2018

On August 10, Patricia Kelly retired from her position as Director General of IP Australia, after almost five years in the role. Patricia will be replaced by Michael Schwager whose current role is as acting Chief Operating Officer at the Australian government scientific research agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Shelston IP would like to acknowledge the significant contribution and leadership that Patricia has made to modernizing IP Australia by introducing many beneficial initiatives, including the introduction of digital technologies – making IP Australia the country’s first fully digital government agency; and the creation of a national IP register called the IP Government Open Data (IPGOD), allowing public access to more than 100 years of IP records. Patricia also was acutely aware of the importance of education and awareness of the IP system. This commitment resulted in the creation of a number web-accessible “IP toolkits” which brought the needs of Australian innovators into sharp focus.

As Patricia’s successor, Michael Swager brings a background of industry, science, and innovation to the Director General role. Shelston IP wishes Michael all the best for continuing and extending Patricia’s legacy by implementing further beneficial changes to IP Australia.

Authored by Paul Harrison