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Publications Aug 04, 2021

FemTech in Australia – What’s going on Down Under?

Briefings Aug 02, 2021

Australia’s intelligent approach to artificial intelligence inventions

Publications Jul 23, 2021

Instructions not received – how hard should we follow up?

Publications Jul 20, 2021

Brand Protection and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Publications Jul 15, 2021

Dead or Alive: Statuses, Patent Expiries and Kind Codes – Part 2

Briefings Jul 13, 2021

Double patenting in New Zealand – you possibly didn’t need an oracle to see this one coming

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Briefings Jul 07, 2021

Validity and infringement of diagnostic method claims

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News Jul 05, 2021

Shelston IP Highly Recommended by IAM Patent 1000

Publications Jul 01, 2021

Crowdsourcing: How is intellectual property important?

Jun 30, 2021

よくある質問 Q&A


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News Jun 29, 2021

New Principal and Senior Associate for Shelston IP

Congratulations Ean Blackwell and Kathy Mytton

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News Jun 29, 2021

Shelston IP again named finalist in Australian Law Awards 2021

News Jun 23, 2021

Abolition of Australia’s innovation patent – 25 August 2021 is the magic date – here’s what you need to know…

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Briefings Jun 21, 2021

Patent term extensions in Australia: Ono “first regulatory approval” decision overturned

News Jun 16, 2021

Trade Mark Application Procedures under the New Republic of Nauru Trademarks Act 2019

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Briefings Jun 16, 2021

Trade Marks and New Zealand Prime Ministers’ Nicknames – AUNTY HELEN and JACINDARELLA

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Jun 15, 2021

シェルストンIP ― 特許と商標でティア・ワンにランク入り

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News Jun 15, 2021

Tier 1 firm Shelston IP has leading practitioners recognised by Managing Intellectual Property as IP Stars

Publications Jun 09, 2021

Dead or Alive: Statuses, Patent Expiries and Kind Codes – Part 1

Briefings Jun 08, 2021

Descriptive trade marks – Registration is no guarantee of exclusive rights

Briefings Jun 02, 2021

Another round? Corner Hotel loses trade mark skirmish with Jazz Corner Hotel

Publications May 27, 2021

Femtech: One small step for women, one giant leap for womankind

Femtech overview – the women’s health revolution

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News May 13, 2021

Australia’s New Patent Box: Unboxed

News May 06, 2021

Shelston Lawyers listed in Doyle’s Guide

Publications Apr 26, 2021

World IP Day 2021 – IP and SMEs make strange bedfellows – at least, in Australia

Briefings Mar 29, 2021

Australian Trade Marks Full Federal Court Decision – VAGISIL v VAGISAN

Publications Mar 29, 2021

Trade Mark Protection in the South Pacific Region: Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and other Pacific Island Nations

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News Mar 28, 2021

COVID-19 update: the end of streamlined extensions for patents, trade marks and designs at IP Australia and what do from 1 April 2021 if you need an extension of time

Briefings Mar 23, 2021

New Zealand’s strict “use it or lose it” approach in partial revocation proceedings differs from Australia’s approach

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News Mar 22, 2021

TGA proposes far-reaching changes to support the repurposing of prescription medicines

Publications Mar 17, 2021

Tales from the crypt: Digging around in patent class A62B33

News Mar 11, 2021

Changes to .au domain name rules – implications for Australian trade mark owners

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Publications Mar 10, 2021

A bar to re-examination

Events Mar 09, 2021

Shelston IP Webinar: Being ready for patent litigation in Australia

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Publications Mar 04, 2021

Best Australian and New Zealand Trade Mark Cases 2020

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Publications Feb 24, 2021

Best Patent Cases 2020 Australia and New Zealand

News Feb 22, 2021

Shelston IP ranked again WTR 1000

Sean McManis, Principal is also recognised.

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Briefings Feb 16, 2021

Long-running patent dispute relating to Lundbeck’s Lexapro reaches High Court for a third time

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News Feb 16, 2021

COVID-19 update: Streamlined extensions of time available at IP Australia until 31 March 2021

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Briefings Feb 15, 2021

Crown use defence to infringement and the effect of disclosure by the crown on validity

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Briefings Feb 05, 2021

Pfizer preliminary discovery attempt on ERELZI fails

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Briefings Feb 03, 2021

MSD blocked from raising public interest defence to injunction in Prevnar vaccine case

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Briefings Jan 27, 2021

No stretch for BOTOX – use of trade marks in marketing not an infringement

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Briefings Jan 27, 2021

“Urban Ale” Trade Mark Registration Cancelled for Descriptiveness

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Briefings Jan 25, 2021

In-N-Out make mincemeat of Hashtag Burgers

News Jan 18, 2021

COVID-19 update: IP Australia has extended its streamlined relief measures until 28 February 2021

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Publications Jan 06, 2021

Australian Government looks to bring defence export controls and patents into focus (again)

News Dec 22, 2020

Season’s Greetings from Shelston IP

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Publications Dec 22, 2020

Looking for a patent database? Need a little Inspire-ation?

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Briefings Dec 18, 2020

IP Australia’s COVID-19 extensions of time: a word of caution

Publications Dec 09, 2020

Uncovering the covered – YouTube reinstates Frank Sinatra cover of 2004 hit “Toxic”

AI has now made it possible for one artist to sing a cover of another artist no human required!

Events Nov 26, 2020

Shelston IP Webinar: The Australian Registered Designs System

Briefings Nov 18, 2020

Pfizer suffers setback in ENBREL battle

A further update will be provided when the judgment is released in this case.

News Nov 17, 2020

COVID-19 update: IP Australia has now extended its streamlined relief measures until 31 January 2021 to provide more certainty over the holiday period

Briefings Nov 03, 2020

The bar has been raised: Prevnar® vaccine case demonstrates the impact of Australian patent law reforms

Publications Nov 02, 2020

Shelston IP and The Legal 500: Patent Litigation Country Comparative Guide

Publications Oct 29, 2020

Courtrooms and the America’s Cup – patent infringement set to be the latest out-of-water battle

Movie projector on a dark background with light beam
Briefings Oct 25, 2020

Names of Films – Trade Marks or Not Trade Marks?

Licuala grandis leaf( Palas Payung, Vanuatu Fan Palm)
Briefings Oct 25, 2020

Vanuatu Trade Mark Practice Update – New Maintenance Fee Requirement

Watch, wrist, market, counterfeit watches
Publications Oct 21, 2020

Brand Protection and Criminal Offences

Briefings Oct 20, 2020

WICKED v WICKED SISTER – Deceptive Similarity, Ownership and Removal

Briefings Oct 20, 2020

Australian Patent Office considers the plausibility of Swiss-style claims

Events Oct 15, 2020

Shelston IP Webinar – Pharmaceutical patent term extensions in Australia

vet gives an injection to a sick dog
Briefings Oct 15, 2020

Intervet parries a challenge to its combination injectable anthelmintic formulation patent application

Chaotic particles from black and gold spheres
Publications Sep 21, 2020

Tricks of the Trade: Searching the unsearchable

Dropper Containing Reagent Pharmaceutical Fluid
Briefings Sep 21, 2020

Pharmaceutical patent term extensions: broader is not always better

Abstract geometric shape from gray cubes
Publications Sep 04, 2020

Australian Designs – Draft Bill now released

Royalty-free stock photo ID: 1103025224 The concept of an initiative employee is leader
News Aug 31, 2020

Combatting Counterfeiters: IP Australia’s “Smart Trade Mark” initiative

Australasia on grass
Publications Aug 27, 2020

A practical guide: Commonly asked questions during patent prosecution in Australia and New Zealand

Events Aug 26, 2020

Shelston IP Webinar – Patent strategy and best practice – Filing and prosecution in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Publications Aug 25, 2020

Tricks of the Trade: There’s a word for that (and usually many more)

Stone color samples for kitchen countertops and floor tiles
Briefings Aug 20, 2020

Ceramiche Caesar S.p.A. V Caesarstone Ltd [2020] FCAFC 124 (28 July 2020)

Briefings Aug 20, 2020

BLACK SHEEP Trade Mark Dispute – Not all Sheep are the Same

Briefings Aug 19, 2020

Injecting preliminary discovery into patent infringement proceedings

News Aug 19, 2020

Australian Trade Mark Fee Changes

Briefings Aug 17, 2020

ACTAZIN v ActiPhen – A Tale of Two Cities or In The Ear of the Beholder

News Aug 11, 2020

IP Australia Official Fee Changes – For Better or Worse…?

Publications Aug 10, 2020

Perpetual Motion: the concept that keeps on giving and giving…and giving…

News Aug 06, 2020

Shelston IP joins Girls Invent Podcast

Publications Aug 04, 2020

New Zealand’s “drop-dead” divisional deadline… drops dead

News Jul 31, 2020

Say hello to IP Australia’s new online portal for small and medium enterprises

News Jul 30, 2020

Incorrect notifications issued by IPONZ/WIPO

Briefings Jul 16, 2020

Clinical trial protocols anticipate method of treatment claims, and further clarity provided on construction of Swiss-style claims

Events Jul 13, 2020

Shelston IP Webinar – Patenting biological and chemical inventions in Australia: eligible subject matter and written description requirements

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News Jul 08, 2020

Shelston IP named finalist in Australian Law Awards 2020

News Jul 05, 2020

Shelston IP appointed by UNSW as a preferred IP service provider

News Jul 01, 2020

Announcement – Shelston IP promotion to Principal

Briefings Jun 30, 2020

E-signing and witnessing of documents in COVID-19 times and beyond

News Jun 30, 2020

Shelston IP reappointed as CSIRO provider

Briefings Jun 29, 2020

Aristocrat hits the jackpot as electronic gaming machine found patentable

Briefings Jun 29, 2020

Kimberly-Clark’s wipes are “flushable”. Australia’s regulator loses its appeal against Kimberley-Clark

Briefings Jun 25, 2020

Frucor gets the green light and maintains its V Green registration

News Jun 23, 2020

Happy International Women in Engineering Day!

Briefings Jun 22, 2020

NAB’s reputation takes it over the bridge

Briefings Jun 22, 2020

How to use post-filing experimental data to help establish sufficiency and support

Publications Jun 17, 2020

Patenting proteins: an Australian perspective

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News Jun 17, 2020

Shelston IP – A Tier One Firm in Both Patents and Trade Marks

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News Jun 16, 2020

Congratulations: Shelston IP Highly Recommended IAM Patent 1000

Briefings Jun 09, 2020

A non-obvious (inventive) solution for issuing parking infringement notices

Briefings Jun 03, 2020

The matter with added matter in patent specifications – Allowability of amendments under post ‘Raising the Bar’ test

Publications May 28, 2020

Switching from Biologic to Biosimilar: Australia’s Unique Approach

Briefings May 26, 2020

It is becoming clearer when computer-implemented methods are likely, or unlikely, to be deemed patentable subject matter in Australia – Encompass, Rokt and other recent decisions

Briefings May 25, 2020

Pilkin v Sony Australia Limited

Briefings May 21, 2020

It’s a scheme! Rokt overturned in Full Federal Court decision on patentable subject matter

Publications May 18, 2020

TGA transparency reforms (part 2): Early publication of major innovator prescription medicine applications

News May 14, 2020

Australian Designs – Changes on the way

Briefings May 07, 2020

The Claws Come Out – A Distinctive Design

Briefings May 05, 2020

Federal Court dismisses first Commonwealth damages claim against an unsuccessful pharmaceutical patentee

Briefings Apr 30, 2020

Sealed Air Australia Pty Limited v Aus-Lid Enterprises Pty Ltd [2020] FCA 29

Briefings Apr 29, 2020

Australian Federal Court Decision – VAGISIL v VAGISAN

Briefings Apr 29, 2020

TGA transparency reforms (part 1): Notification of generic and biosimilar medicines to impact pharmaceutical patent disputes in Australia

Briefings Apr 28, 2020

Bad Faith in Australia – A Brief Review of Recent Cases

News Apr 28, 2020

COVID-19 – Trade Mark Office Practice Update

Publications Apr 27, 2020

Victoria Beckham Fails to Protect VB Trade Mark

Briefings Apr 26, 2020

Hashtag Burgers Down-N-Out – Trade Mark Infringement, Misleading Conduct and Passing Off

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News Apr 24, 2020

World Intellectual Property Day 2020 – Innovate for a Green Future

Briefings Apr 23, 2020

Facebook wins on patentable subject matter despite generic computer implementation

Briefings Apr 22, 2020

It’s good to be heard – the APO determines section 40 requirements

Publications Mar 30, 2020

Diagnostic Testing for SARS-CoV-2: How governments, regulators and the laboratory-diagnostics industry are responding to the challenge

Publications Mar 25, 2020

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known

Publications Mar 23, 2020

COVID-19: mRNA vaccines – a promising approach to vaccine development

News Feb 27, 2020

Get your Australian Innovation Patents filed by 26 August 2021

Publications Feb 14, 2020

Best Patent Cases 2019 – Australia and New Zealand

Publications Feb 14, 2020

Tricks of the trade: Keep calm and classify

Briefings Feb 12, 2020

When does use on a website infringe an Australian Trade Mark registration?

Briefings Feb 12, 2020

Establishing trade mark ownership in Australia – EZ does (not do) it

Publications Feb 06, 2020

Best Australian Trade Mark Cases 2019

News Feb 05, 2020

Australia’s Innovation Patent to be abolished by legislation now passed in Federal Parliament

News Feb 03, 2020

Recent Changes to New Zealand Trade Mark Law

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Insights Jan 28, 2020

Tricks of the trade: Can you just do a quick search on …?

Closeup of New Zealand Glowworms in Waipu Cave
News Jan 20, 2020

How New Zealand patent applicants can beat the 13 February 2020 fee hike

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Briefings Jan 13, 2020

License it expressly or you may lose it – a cautionary tale of implied copyright licences

Publications Dec 19, 2019

Biosimilars in Australia

Briefings Dec 08, 2019

The status of Australia’s innovation patent – how full is the glass?

Briefings Dec 02, 2019

Trade Marks and “style names” – can you tell the difference?

Publications Nov 07, 2019

New Australian patents claiming chemical compounds may be vulnerable to revocation

Publications Nov 07, 2019

The examination “red carpet” for cleantech patent applications in Australia

Publications Oct 28, 2019

Australia’s innovation patent, extinction imminent

Publications Oct 27, 2019

Malaysian Trade Marks Update– Trademarks Bill 2019

Publications Oct 15, 2019

Ride2Work Day: Wacky bicycle patents

Publications Oct 14, 2019

Patent families: As weird and wonderful as people families

Publications Sep 26, 2019

New Zealand “best practice” further influenced by impending rise in official fees

Mental health symbol
News Sep 12, 2019

Shelston IP starts the conversation… R U OK?

Briefings Sep 11, 2019

Trident Appeal – “Unity of Purpose” sufficient for authorised use of trade mark in corporate group

Publications Sep 09, 2019

Rugby World Cup: Advances in rugby balls

News Sep 05, 2019

Changes to Australian competition laws may impact your IP arrangements

Briefings Sep 05, 2019

No innovation patents, restricted patent eligible subject matter and fewer patent attorneys – welcome to the future of IP in Australia!

Briefings Jul 25, 2019

The distinction between repair and re-making: The Full Court clarifies the law on refurbishing a patented product

News Jul 23, 2019

Australian Design Search

Briefings Jul 22, 2019

Australia reigns supreme over the US in patenting diagnostic methods

Publications Jul 09, 2019

Divisional patent practice in New Zealand – protecting an endangered species

News Jul 01, 2019

Shelston IP promotions 2019

Briefings Jul 01, 2019

Genes, genetic applications and patent eligibility: Australia continues to be a gene-patent friendly jurisdiction

Publications Jun 30, 2019

Will the United States Congress Clean-Up the Patent Eligibility Mess?

Briefings Jun 18, 2019

Let the Petitioner Beware: Clearing a path by proactively challenging patents in an IPR may result in a lack of standing to appeal an adverse decision

Publications Jun 11, 2019

Hop aboard the bullet train to Japanese patent numbering

News Jun 11, 2019

Shelston IP Highly Recommended in IAM Patent 1000

Publications Jun 06, 2019

The “plausibility” threshold remains low in Australia

Publications May 21, 2019

Claim Drafting Tip: Written Description and Obviousness of Claims with Functional Features — Two Sides of the Same Coin

News Apr 26, 2019

World IP Day – Reaching for Gold – An interview with elite athlete and patent attorney, Allira Hudson-Gofers

Publications Apr 26, 2019

Australian Rugby League Commission – protecting its brands and golden history through IP

Publications Mar 11, 2019

Federal Court shows generics how to avoid infringement of Swiss-style claims

News Feb 28, 2019

Shelston IP Finalist – Client Choice Awards 2019

Publications Feb 05, 2019

IP: Winning tenders and increasing your competitive advantage

New Zealand jurisdiction thumb image
Publications Jan 18, 2019

Doppelgangers – local versus absolute novelty under New Zealand Practice

News Dec 19, 2018

Duncan Longstaff named MIP Rising Star!

Publications Dec 10, 2018

Reimagining best patent practice in New Zealand (again)

Publications Dec 06, 2018

The growing medicinal cannabis market – using IP to secure opportunities in Australia

Publications Dec 05, 2018

Save the innovation patent: Business owners have their say!

Publications Dec 05, 2018

UK raises the threshold for plausibility – will Australia follow?

Publications Nov 25, 2018

The fate of Australia’s innovation patent – it’s like the death penalty for jaywalking

Publications Nov 14, 2018

A ‘best practice’ approach to IP management – why it’s a good idea to consolidate your IP under one roof

Publications Nov 08, 2018

Possibility of “no deal Brexit”- European Trade Marks

News Nov 04, 2018

Congratulations to Finisar Australia

Publications Oct 29, 2018

Pat-INFORMED: A powerful new searching tool, but don’t be left Part-INFORMED

Publications Oct 25, 2018

Indonesian Patent Office gets tough on unpaid fees

Publications Oct 22, 2018

Considerations relating to drafting the patent specification

Publications Oct 21, 2018

The “patent bargain” for clean technologies – altering the deal

Publications Oct 17, 2018

Use of the PCT system, and advantages and benefits of International Preliminary Examination (IPE)

Publications Oct 17, 2018

Ride2Work Day: What role has intellectual property played in the success of the Brompton folding bike?

Publications Oct 11, 2018

Common types of patent claims in the field of chemical sciences

Publications Sep 04, 2018

The Unified Patent Court and the Unitary Patent: with Brexit Day approaching and Germany yet to ratify, time is running out…

Briefings Aug 24, 2018

Dispute between Dunlop and Goodyear highlights importance of maintaining control over use of marks

Publications Aug 23, 2018

Executive changes at IP Australia – looking to the future

Publications Aug 17, 2018

5 strategies to use the prior art to assist in product development

Briefings Aug 09, 2018

New Zealand’s second-tier “Advancement” patent fails to make it to first base

Publications Aug 01, 2018

A week is a long time in patent law – Australia and New Zealand both move on second-tier patent systems

Publications Jul 30, 2018

The art and science of understanding patent documents – 3 tips for inventors

Publications Jul 25, 2018

The use of IP in innovation and complementary intellectual asset advisory services

Briefings Jul 18, 2018

New Zealand’s proposed second-tier “Advancement” patent yet to advance

Publications Jun 27, 2018

IP and commercial considerations prior to and during the R&D stage of innovation

News Jun 18, 2018

Shelston IP Highly Recommended in IAM Patent 1000 2018

Publications Jun 07, 2018

The role of IP in innovation

Publications Jun 06, 2018

Intellectual property – strategic use and management in the resources sector

Publications Jun 05, 2018

Welcome to Shelston IP’s Australian Registered Designs Handbook

Publications May 17, 2018

ARENA funding for Australian Cleantech start-ups: How patents can assist

Briefings May 17, 2018

A clear mistake in a claim term cannot be corrected through claim construction

Briefings May 09, 2018

“Promising” development for ESCO Corporation

Publications May 03, 2018

Government review of Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 highlights relevance to local inventors

Briefings May 03, 2018

Double Walled Difference: Pi-Design AG [2018] ADO 2

Publications Apr 30, 2018

Patent news from Europe: the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court move a step closer

Publications Apr 29, 2018

The importance of a well-drafted patent specification

News Apr 25, 2018

Melbourne girls’ invention set to score big in tennis

Briefings Apr 23, 2018

Repair v Rebuild – when modifications to patented article will and will not enable a patentee to maintain control post-sale

Publications Apr 18, 2018

Is IP Australia intent on restricting patentable subject matter in Australia?

News Apr 12, 2018

Shelston IP congratulates Xialene Chang, graduate of Girls Invent

Publications Apr 11, 2018

New Zealand patent applications – time for a re-think?

Publications Apr 10, 2018

Innovation: A tale of two jurisdictions

Publications Apr 09, 2018

Making use of expedited examination for “cleantech”

Publications Apr 09, 2018

Understanding the differences between patentability (novelty) and freedom to operate prior art searching

Publications Apr 06, 2018

Private Member’s Bill proposes second-tier New Zealand “advancement patent”

Publications Apr 04, 2018

Patenting inventions emerging from academia – 5 common mistakes

Publications Mar 29, 2018

An Easter resurrection for Australia’s innovation patent system!

Publications Mar 28, 2018

Broad antibody claims under attack – USPTO issues memorandum raising written description requirements

News Mar 22, 2018

Switch off with Shelston IP for Earth Hour on 24 March 2018

Publications Mar 21, 2018

How to establish ownership: Federal Court provides guidance in ANCHORAGE decision

Publications Mar 21, 2018

The proposed long, slow death of Australia’s innovation patent

Publications Mar 19, 2018

Attention SMEs in Western Australia – Innovation Vouchers Program (IVP)

News Mar 18, 2018

Shelston IP congratulates Prof Hala Zreiqat from Sydney University

Publications Mar 11, 2018

New Zealand – Amendments to the Patents Regulations 2014 clear up a few uncertainties

Publications Mar 08, 2018

The CPTPP has been signed – no United States and “IP Lite”

Publications Mar 06, 2018

The “gene patent” dichotomy between the US and Australia

Briefings Mar 05, 2018

(Pods)Under Pressure: Cantarella Bros Pty Ltd v Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.V. [2018] APO 15

Publications Mar 01, 2018

Where else can I secure protection via my European patent application?

Publications Feb 21, 2018

Best Trade Mark Cases 2017 Australia and New Zealand

Publications Feb 21, 2018

Extending time in New Zealand – statutory versus purposive considerations

Publications Feb 19, 2018

Best Patent Cases 2017 Australia

Publications Feb 19, 2018

Australia remains a gene-patent friendly jurisdiction

Publications Feb 08, 2018

New Zealand: is the “daisy-chaining” of divisionals about to get the glyphosate treatment?

Publications Dec 10, 2017

Improved IPO website in Papua New Guinea (PNG) unveiled

Briefings Nov 30, 2017

Pfizer succeeds in Full Federal Court appeal and will now receive preliminary discovery regarding possible infringement of biological medicine process patents

Briefings Nov 20, 2017

The Patent Office provides clarity regarding enablement of polypeptide claims

Publications Nov 13, 2017

Proposed Changes to Divisional Trade Mark Applications in Australia

Publications Oct 25, 2017

Missed an Australian patent deadline? Here’s what to do

Publications Sep 28, 2017

Does Australia’s innovation patent really have to die?

Briefings Sep 19, 2017

Always give your best (method)

Briefings Sep 14, 2017

Unjustified threats of patent infringement weakened by courts

Briefings Sep 06, 2017

Patent Term Extensions in Australia: under pressure but safe for now

Publications Aug 25, 2017

Significant changes ahead for Australian intellectual property laws

Briefings Aug 21, 2017

Should the Australian Patent Office be denying patent eligibility to cDNA inventions?

Briefings Aug 13, 2017

New Zealand’s Patents Act 2013 – support means support (which is more than fair basis)

Publications Jul 13, 2017

Australian courts protect HARBOUR LIGHTS trade mark

Briefings May 15, 2017

Amendments to a patent during court proceedings – how much transparency is required?

Briefings May 08, 2017

Bayer awarded indemnity costs against Generic Health in Yasmin patent litigation

Briefings May 01, 2017

Another small victory for Australian Government in pursuit of damages for PBS “over-payments”

Briefings Apr 23, 2017

Excesses of innovation patent damages pulled back

Briefings Mar 24, 2017

Federal Court of Australia dismisses preliminary discovery application regarding biosimilar suspected of infringing manufacturing process patents

Publications Mar 16, 2017

Routine omnibus – not routine anymore in the UK

Publications Mar 02, 2017

Has “Raising the Bar” actually raised the bar on inventive step?

Publications Mar 01, 2017

Poisonous Priority: Is it a problem?

Briefings Feb 28, 2017

Federal Court decision provides guidance on several useful aspects for practitioners

Briefings Feb 23, 2017

The importance of Swiss-style claims in Australia

Briefings Feb 17, 2017

Federal Court of Australia confirms that offers made during patent term to supply after patent expiry constitute infringement

Briefings Jan 17, 2017

User pays but who gets paid? The vexed question of damages for copyright infringement

Publications Mar 24, 2015

How to calculate patent expiry dates in the United States