Responsible Business

Values that distinguish our business, support our people and contribute to society.

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Responsible Business at Shelston IP

Is our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce, support for our communities and charities, giving of our skills through pro bono to those otherwise unable to access IP services, and the management of our environmental impact. Through these four pillars, we ensure that our business is run in a sustainable way, having a positive impact on the society and environment within which we operate.


Our commitment to our people is of paramount importance.

We recognise the contributions of all individuals and groups, honouring the power of different backgrounds and perspectives. We commit to excellence in education, training and development.

Investment in our people ensures that each individual has the opportunity to grow their skills, progress their careers and deliver an exemplary service to our clients.


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Making a valuable contribution to our community is an important cornerstone of Shelston IP’s commitment to responsible business. We take an active role as a business, as individuals and as leaders in our communities, committing both time and fundraising support.

As a business with over 160 years of history, we have supported a diverse range of causes over many years. This year’s initiatives alone include step challenges for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, runs for Oxfam, hair shaving for Variety Children’s Charity, and baking for the RSPCA. We are also proud to have supported a number of charities over many years including The Smith Family, OzHarvest, Aussie Ark, and Youth off the Streets.


Shelston IP is committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

We take a multi-pronged approach to creating a sustainable business and have made huge progress in reducing our environmental impact.

Our initiates include waste management, reducing energy consumption from a building level to an equipment level, commitment to a paperless office environment, usage of renewables and more.

We have a deep commitment to go further and support the principles of the UN Global Compact.

Pro Bono

Shelston IP is proud of its strong history of commitment to pro bono.

We have been a signatory to the Australian National Pro Bono Centre National Pro Bono Target since 2014 and during this time have seen the effect of a sustained focus on pro bono activity, aiming to close the justice gap and create a more equitable and sustainable society.

Over the years we have assisted numerous not-for-profit organisations, charities and communities offering our skills and time to address their needs including Mission Australia and Girls Invent.

Read on about how we have been able to leverage our skills with Girls Invent to further our common goal of supporting and encouraging innovation.

Girls Invent

Girls Invent was born after a discussion between its founder, Dr Mark Glazebrook and his daughter, who asked why only men are inventors.

Mark observed that despite years of resources and efforts by government, educators and businesses, too few girls are choosing to become innovators or even see it as a career option. He developed the Girls Invent program as a series of workshop modules run in schools to inspire girls to be innovators.

The Girls Invent program takes the participants through the innovation life cycle, from an idea to market research to prototype to commercialisation. This hands on approach is reaping benefits, with an ever-growing alumni embarking on further STEM study and joining Mark as trainers at Girls Invent.

Shelston has been privileged to partner with Girls Invent since 2015. We believe the secret to the success of our relationship is our strong alignment of values, which has created multiple opportunities for collaboration. Supporting and encouraging innovation is at the heart of our work as well as that of Girls Invent, and this allows us to leverage our skills to further this common goal.

As well as providing pro bono legal advice to Girls Invent, we have contributed to course content in relation to intellectual property including several of our own inspiring women attorneys participating in online sessions. We have also had the opportunity to contribute to the efforts of Girls Invent outside of Australia, supporting young women from challenging circumstances to develop their own businesses through innovation to sustain themselves and their families.

Several groups of girls who have completed the Girls Invent program have gone on to take further steps on the innovation pathway to commercialise their ideas. Shelston has supported some of these girls with pro bono patent advice and services.

You can find out more about Girls Invent at