Attorneys & Lawyers

“The culture here is very relaxed, friendly and inclusive, with plenty of professional challenges and opportunities.”

Our attorneys and lawyers come from a variety of specialisations and levels of experience from Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Our enviable client base and interesting work is a particular draw.

Attorney Career Pathways

Our Attorneys are experts in their fields, whether that be science, engineering or trade marks.  They partner with quality clients providing assistance in bringing ideas, inventions and brands to market.

After obtaining and maintaining registration as a Patent and/or Trade Mark Attorney, our people can move through our career paths from Associate, to Senior Associate, to Principal based on their success in their roles.

Lawyer Career Pathways

Our Lawyers assist our national and international clients with their litigation needs as well as working with external Barristers and Solicitors to establish the best outcome for our clients.

Based on their interest, our Lawyers can move through their preferred career paths from Associate, to Senior Associate or Special Counsel, to Principal based on their success in their roles.

“Working at Shelston Lawyers has given me excellent exposure to a wide range of clients, ranging from blue chip multinational companies, to smaller local Australian businesses.  The work is high quality, varied and rewarding.  You also have the opportunity to work with leaders in the industry, and I’ve found the mentorship to be excellent, with the Principals all being approachable, friendly and helpful.”

“I originally came to Shelston from a Firm in Europe, and the team here made the transition very easy for me.  Shelston IP employs some of the best IP professionals in Australia, and I enjoy working with my team on a range of cases from prosecution to litigation, from small start-ups to big pharma. Overall a great place to work.”

To express your interest in joining our team, please send us your CV and cover letter to