Trainees & Graduates

Our Trainees are at the early stages of their careers and are eager to move into advising on the Intellectual Property involved in their chosen fields, whether that’s chemistry, life sciences, engineering, software or beyond.

Trainee Career Pathways

We believe in investing in our people. This starts right at the beginning of each person’s career journey.

When we employee Trainees, we provide financial support for tuition fees while they complete their Masters of Intellectual Property to qualify for registration as a Patent and/or Trade Mark Attorney. While studying, we provide paid study leave as well as assistance from a tutor who is an expert in the field.

Development is an essential ingredient in our Trainees success. Although the majority of what we learn happens organically and through coaching on the job, we also assist in the development of our Trainees by facilitated monthly tutorials from our more senior Attorneys which are targeted to align with our Trainees’ core role competencies.

Graduate Career Pathways

The program for Law Graduates is delivered in a highly targeted fashion. We do not deliver a cookie cutter program, rather a tailored program based on the needs of the individual in tandem with the needs of our clients.

This delivery ensures each graduate plays an active role in supporting Principals across practice areas and industries to develop both technical and business development skills, whilst strengthening legal capability.

“I have found Shelston IP to be a very nurturing environment as a trainee with many opportunities to learn different aspects of patent law and practice, as well as IP law and commercial/business practice more generally from the many experienced staff in my technical areas. The senior attorneys demonstrate genuine care and interest in my development, which is also facilitated by the highly collaborative nature of much of our work. Even with the rigorous technical and legal precision that is demanded and the strict deadline-driven nature of our work, the culture within Shelston IP remains quite relaxed and the team are very warm and friendly. A strong work-life balance is also highly encouraged. Shelston IP also supports a diverse range of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, and is always open to new ideas in this area.”

“Shelston IP’s flexible and nurturing work environment has and continues to provide me with ample opportunities for career development and growth.”

To express your interest in joining our team, please send us your CV and cover letter to