Ean Blackwell



Ean is a Senior Associate at Shelston IP working in the Biotechnology and Chemistry team. Ean is an AU/NZ Patent Attorney, a Chartered UK and a European Qualified Patent Attorney with industry experience as a research scientist. Ean has private practice and in-house experience.


Ean’s IP career has spanned three continents, having practiced in Asia, Europe and Australia. He has both private practice and in house experience, having previously worked as Senior Counsel for BASF CropDesign, part of BASF’s plant biotechnology division in Belgium. This combination of experience makes his advice both commercially and globally relevant.

Ean specialises in patent law with an emphasis on IP strategy development, drafting of specifications, prosecution, opposition proceedings, and the provision of validity and infringement advice.

He has particular experience in the plant molecular biology, biotechnology and Big Pharma industry sectors. Ean also has extensive experience of IP law and practice in Europe and Asia, having lived and worked in both continents for many years, and having worked on contentious patent issues for large pharmaceutical clients in the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam and Indonesia.


  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), UWE Bristol University, UK
  • Master of Science (Molecular Biology) by research, University of Malaya
  • Master of Industrial Property, University of Technology Sydney, Australia, 2020
  • Registered Patent Attorney (Australia and New Zealand)
  • Chartered United Kingdom Patent Attorney
  • European Qualified Patent Attorney
  • IP Litigator – Patent (UK)
  • Accredited Qualified Person (PBRs)


  • Fellow, Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (UK)
  • Australian Biotechnology Association (AusBiotech)


  • Mandarin Chinese (Proficient)
  • Bahasa Malayu (Elementary)