Commercial Agreements

Having appropriate agreements in place that align with your strategic objectives is paramount.

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IP can be commercialised in various ways. The best commercialisation strategy for you can depend on a number of different factors.

Whether you are selling your IP rights; maintaining your IP rights with the intention to develop and offer your own products and services directly to market; or partnering with others to develop or take products or services to market, it is essential to have appropriate agreements in place to achieve your objectives.    

Shelston IP Lawyers are experts in structuring, negotiating, drafting and advising on commercial agreements across a broad range of transaction types, industries and technologies.

Our breadth of experience and expertise means we can provide comprehensive services covering various types of agreements, terms and transactions, including: licensing; sales and assignments; research collaboration; materials and technology transfer; IT and software terms and agreements (including cloud, licensing, terms of use, support, outsourcing, development and integration); joint venture and teaming agreements; manufacturing agreements; distribution agreements; supply/purchase agreements and trading terms; confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements; website terms; privacy policies and terms; and consultancy and services agreements. 

With a focus on providing pragmatic advice aligned with your business strategies and drafting agreements with clear, unambiguous terms that reflect your objectives, we aim to achieve the best commercial outcome for you when assisting with your commercial agreements and transactions.     

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