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Data - the new oil for a post-industrial economy

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There is no substitute for a well-considered approach at the executive level to data asset management, security and privacy issues.

Corporations want to unleash the power of data to advance their businesses, but it is vitally important to keep ahead of trends in the regulatory environment and to also be aware of the changing expectations of corporations as custodians of personal information.

Getting data protection and uses of data right is key to brand value and to preserving relationships with the individuals affected by the use of data.

Our data protection lawyers are used to acting in multi-jurisdictional teams advising on regional data asset collection and management strategies. We help corporations navigate data driven business initiatives, formulate approaches to data sharing models and API agreements. In the event of a data breach we assist with investigation and compliance advice around mandatory reporting obligations.

We understand the interrelationship between IT systems design, cloud infrastructure and SaaS systems, global privacy laws, copyright, confidential information and contractual rights as corporations seek to manage ever more important data assets.

We have wide ranging experience including:

  • Advising a number of companies in the transition from traditional software licensing models to cloud based models where the shift turns from licensing fees as the main deriver of revenue to the opportunities arising from uses of APIs and data sharing models.
  • Advising a major global cloud infrastructure provider on a national whitepaper and summary of privacy laws to assist in negotiations and consideration of privacy risk by customers.
  • Advising many large corporations as to data ownership, extraction of data from third party systems, mandatory data breach reporting and cyber breach response.

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