A product’s design is much more than just the way it looks – it can have intrinsic commercial value that can be protected, especially when your design is the primary point of market differentiation.

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A strategic approach to registered designs can provide a competitive edge on several fronts. In the minds of consumers a product’s ‘look’ can be even more important than functionality – it is an immediate and powerful deterrent for copycats and imitators, supplements existing patents (or those being contemplated) as part of your IP strategy, and if infringed, damages can be sort for lost sales. Furthermore it helps to sell or licence your product to earn further royalties and revenues, and increases consistency of use which enhances value over time.

We are one of Australia’s leading filers of registered designs we provide tailored advice guided by your commercial needs.

The Shelston IP design team are experts in securing and protecting designs for some of the world’s largest companies, ranging from engineering, appliances, homewares and luxury fashion designers operating in all major industries, technologies and product categories.

Our expertise spans evaluating your design and determining an appropriate scope for protection, directly filing and prosecuting design applications in Australia and New Zealand, coordinating design applications in South East Asia and other overseas jurisdictions, commercialisation advice, assignments and licensing, infringement and validity advice, portfolio management, searching and watching, design registration renewals, revocations, design litigation and dispute resolution.

Shelston IP’s Design expertise and services

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