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Design rights can be commercialised in many ways. Having the right ownership and licensing structures in place can be crucial to effectively commercialise and derive maximum value from your design, without jeopardising your design rights.

Licensing design rights can have significant benefits for both the design owner and its licensee. It can allow the licensee access to established and valuable product designs; reduce the design owner’s manufacturing or distribution costs; allow the design owner access to certain markets, sales channels or distribution networks to which the licensee has access, without substantial market knowledge or capital investment; expand business and market position for both parties; grow the value of products and their associated designs through increased distribution; and generate new revenue streams through royalties, licence fees or profits on the manufacture and supply of products covered by the design rights. 

Structuring design ownership and licensing arrangements without appropriate expert advice can result in an unintended loss of design rights or a failure by the licensee to obtain the scope of rights needed to effectively enforce its rights to the design and capitalise on the value of the design to the extent intended.    

With an experienced team of attorneys specialising in design and engineering across various product, device and technology types, complimented by our associated IP lawyers, Shelston IP is uniquely placed to provide comprehensive and strategic advice on design ownership and licensing issues and are experts in structuring, negotiating, drafting and advising on design assignments and licensing agreements.

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