Confidential Information Disputes

Disputes regarding confidential information and “trade secrets” are factually and legally complex, especially when part of a broader technology dispute that also involves patents, copyright and other rights.

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Disputes regarding confidential information or “trade secrets” often arise in the context of new or successful technologies.

The information a company keeps confidential is often fundamental to the competitive advantages of its products and services and the operation of its business. Parties who jointly invent or conceive a technology, or who collaborate in its development, commercialisation, manufacture or sale, necessarily disclose commercially-sensitive information to one another to facilitate their dealings and relationships.

Even while such relationships remain ongoing, but especially when they breakdown, parties often become concerned about how their valuable confidential information is being used without their permission or even to their disadvantage. These issues can be compounded in scenarios where key personnel move employment, especially to a competitor.

Our expert litigators regularly advise companies on how to protect their confidential information, including collaborating with our patent attorneys to seek patent protection where appropriate. We have experience acting in disputes concerning alleged misuse or even misappropriation of confidential information by former collaborators and employees and also by competitors.

  • Acting in Federal Court proceedings involving allegations relating to misappropriation of trade secrets by a competitor.
  • Acting in Federal Court proceedings involving misappropriation of business intelligence, customers lists and technical and other information and materials by former key employees.
  • Regular collaboration with Shelston IP patent attorneys in advising clients in relation to decisions to seek patent protection or seek to protect confidentiality of certain aspects of technologies.

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