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Copyright arises and is protected automatically upon creation of a literary or artistic work and is therefore ubiquitous. Accordingly, copyright disputes arise frequently, but the law is technical, complex and difficult to navigate without expert guidance.

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Copyright disputes arise in a variety of contexts and the particular facts are crucial to issues of authorship, ownership, licensing and infringement.

Proving authorship and ownership of copyright works can be complicated for large companies, particularly as time passes. Establishing actual copying (rather than independent creation) and the reproduction of a substantial part of the original work is sometimes straightforward, and sometimes highly vexed.

We regularly act for clients in matters where copyright is the primary legal protection for significant investments in the creation of valuable computer software, technical drawings, written documents, films and associated merchandise.

Our expert litigators are experienced in advising both copyright owners and alleged infringers on the strengths and vulnerabilities of a copyright owner’s position and devising and implementing effective strategies to avoid or conduct litigation.

We also advise clients on copyright issues arising within broader technology disputes which also involve allegations of patent infringement, breaches of confidence, design infringement, misleading and deceptive conduct and breaches of contract. Our expert litigators appreciate the different underlying rationales of each area of law under which issues might arise within a complex dispute and are adept at working with clients to develop consistent and effective case theories.

  • Acting for Hytera Communications in major case against Motorola concerning allegations of copyright infringement and claims for additional damages.
  • Advising and conducting copyright enforcement programs for major international owners of copyright, particularly for film and television.
  • Regular advice to clients in connection with copyright disputes (both for owners and alleged infringers).

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