Drafting Patent Specifications

Drafting or writing a patent specification is an exacting process


Shelston IP approaches the task of drafting patent specifications in an efficient, practical and commercially savvy manner. 

Our attorneys understand that technical, legal and commercial issues must be considered in each case in order to prepare robust patent specifications that will provide significant commercial value for patent owners. 

The end result must be a patent specification that can withstand scrutiny under examination before various national patent offices around the world and during enforcement proceedings over the 20-year life of a patent. 

The relevant expertise required to produce patent specifications of such quality can only be gained through experience.  Our attorneys have gained the requisite experience and know-how through drafting portfolios of patents for multinational corporations, small-to-medium sized enterprises, startup companies, research institutions and universities over many years. 

Shelston IP’s attorneys work collaboratively with inventors and business leaders to gain a thorough understanding of an invention and the proposed commercial strategy for that invention before drafting a patent specification.  This is achieved with a combined technical and legal skillset, with our patent attorneys holding tertiary qualifications and relevant industry experience in various scientific or engineering disciplines.   

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