Filing & Prosecution

Prosecuting patent applications through to grant is a specialist process with no two jurisdictions the same.


Filing patent applications in your selected countries around the world via Shelston IP could not be easier.  From simply inputting a PCT number to actioning specific and detailed filing instructions, we utilise the latest technology platforms to ensure that your applications are filed quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Prosecuting patent applications through to grant is a specialist process and because no two jurisdictions are the same, this bifurcated process can be expertly handled by Shelston IP.  We manage the filing and prosecution of many patent portfolios around the world on behalf of our clients. Our attorneys are practiced at developing and implementing strategies that support our clients’ commercial objectives, whether achieving the desired scope of protection from a single application or coordinating the scope of protection provided by a complex portfolio of intellectual property rights.

Our patent attorneys are qualified to act directly before the Australian and New Zealand Patent Offices and are experts in local practice requirements.  Shelston IP attorneys are also experienced in overseas jurisdictions, and always ensure to work with locally based patent attorneys in each country to ensure that the respective idiosyncrasies of each jurisdiction are well understood and to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

We take the time to carefully consider the consequences of each action under the relevant country’s laws and adapt and advise our clients accordingly.  Our approach to providing our attorneys with continuing professional education as to recent global case law further ensures our ability to add value.

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