Portfolio Management & Renewals

Developing, organising, and managing intellectual property rights over the long term is key to maximising value.


Intellectual property rights are a useful and valuable commercial asset.

An intellectual property portfolio may include a diverse range of rights around a business or a single product. These rights can include, for example, trade marks for a business name or logo, patent and design protection for a product, and copyright in marketing materials.

The strategic development of a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio should include selecting the appropriate intellectual property rights and understanding how these assets can help your company to achieve a competitive edge, attract investment and partnership opportunities, and create additional income streams.

Shelston IP are experienced in collaborating with clients to develop, organise, and manage intellectual property rights in order to maximise their value.

In most jurisdictions and for most forms of registrable rights, it is necessary to pay periodic renewal fees to maintain the currency and enforceability of those rights. If registered IP rights are not renewed in a timely manner, those rights can be irrevocably lost.  It can be easy to overlook the vulnerability and risk to any IP portfolio in this context.

Our specialist renewals team utilise comprehensive databases to ensure that our clients are kept up to date with the ongoing requirement to renew their intellectual property rights and ensure the successful management of the valuable assets in their intellectual property portfolio.

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